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We have 

  • Classic Silicone swim caps-50 gram- best for team use. Biggest design area. Biggest inventory for fast shipment.
  • Latex Swim Caps-Cheap alternative. Around forever-big print area. Drawbacks-rip easily & frequently-potential latex allergy-slower delivery-2-3 weeks.
  • Seamless Silicone-Negatives-small print area-delivery 2-3 weeks.
  • Dome Racing caps-Watch the Olympics. This is the cap teams wear. More expensive-smaller print area. 
  • Girls long hair swim caps-A different shape. Smaller print area. I am skeptical. I have coached in countries where the the girls have the longest thickest hair anywhere (Mexico & India) I have always used the Classic Silicone cap-biggest print area, most available colors, biggest inventory and fastest delivery. 
  • Classic Silicone swim caps-30 gram-same size shape, color selection as Classic Silicone swim caps 50 gra but is about the same weight as the latex swim cap. Cheaper in price. I think best alternative to Latex Swim Caps. 

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